Camille Cooper

Performer, Public Speaker, Political Advocate

Camille Cooper worked as a professional actress for more than 14 years, appearing in five motion pictures, more than 10 television series and countless print and broadcast commercials.

Cooper is a former fellow at the University of Virginia; co-author, Virginia Educational Diversity and Gender Equity Bill; former co-chair, Committee for Empowerment of Young Women; and national political director/director of legislative affairs, PROTECT.

Changing Self-Images

I brought my then 12 year-old daughter … Having a ‘hip’-looking gal talk about how media images distorts our view of reality really impacted my daughter’s view of what she sees.” Jean W.

Camille Cooper Exposes the American Beauty Myth:
Popular Culture Defines Societal Roles of Gender, Race and Sexual Orientation

Inspiring. Thought-Provoking. Candid.
In 90-minutes, Camille Cooper takes audiences inside Hollywood – examining how and why the media continue to promote harmful social attitudes:

  • Demonstrating how photo retouching, lighting and camera filters shape images
  • Exposing media’s use of ‘formula” as a deliberate method of manipulation
  • Illuminating culturally divisive effects resulting from use of fear and sex

What Price Beauty: the American Beauty Myth (pdf)

We retouch every photograph of any girl over the age of fourteen.”
– Graphic Artist, Los Angeles

Mass media is the most influential educational medium that exists. By first grade, children have spent more time watching television than they will spend in the college classroom. By the time they reach adulthood, they have been bombarded by images that affect their judgment about each other, their abilities and their bodies.

Naked & Dead: the Media’s Glamorization of Sex and Violence (pdf)

Media violence: for every white male victim, there are 17 white female and 22 minority female victims.

We live in a media culture. It influences the way we think, the way we feel, and it shapes our attitudes about ourselves and each other. Girls and boys are conditioned at an early age about attitudes and cultural values toward sex and violence.

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